Beaute Nook by Beautederm | Be Proud, It’s Beautederm

The project is one of our first as a team. Beaute Nook is a distributor of Beautederm products in Mindanao.  Beautederm is a national brand of cosmetic and lifestyle products in the Philippines, and it showcases mid-range priced beauty products targeting middle-class clientele. Our team built the visual brand and initialized all their marketing paraphernalia. Creative Commune also initiated their social media presence and created the process that they used until now. Our branding also included upskilling their marketing team to make the brand voice and visuals cohesive.

Brand Strategy | Marketing | Social Media Management | Graphic Design

“Thank you Carl and the team for really helping me in creating our brand. It wasn’t easy considering that we had to adhere to limitations set by Beautederm. But it was very good and so far business is really well. Kudos!”

 – Kharnelia Lariosa Edquila, Owner, Beaute Nook


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